Our identity

We are a digital agency curated to strategically combine the talents of creatives, entertainment stakeholders and technology visionaries.

Our why…

Content is king, and there is much to be consumed. To retain the attention of an audience you must have a compelling story. To maintain this structure, there must be two components present; revenue potential and longevity.

Our how…

Our story architects, creatives, and technologists will help coalesce an audience while implementing development models that fiscally benefit the intellectual asset. As fandom ensues, a momentum of exposure for the entertainer, the storyteller, the brand, and the intellectual property is realized. This is the result of our proprietary 360° Storyweaving process, modeled after a “concept to franchise” approach.

About Us

Our Vision

Real creators build stories, brands, and experiences not on what is seen, but on what is imagined. It starts with an idea. Muidem’s focus is to develop ideas through the model of 360 Storytelling, while providing maximum brand exposure across multiple platforms and multiple mediums. We help move them to market utilizing various digital delivery systems.