Content Distribution



Our Pilot Program for Distribution is available now.

Internet & Digital

Using the internet, the most important technology revolution in the history of humankind, we deliver digital media content such as audio, video, e-books, video games, and other software to audiences. Additionally, we can help you start by engaging with your core audience and interest groups to build momentum.


Every film wants to reach as broad an audience as possible. Start with us by preplanning your release through our partners. You get to chose theatrical, VOD, or OTT. Our partners have over 20 years in the film distribution space. With a reasonable budget, your film will appear on the big screen.


Short-form and long-form content are real players when it comes to consumption from your audiences. The traditional idea of what TV is has been changed by over-the-top content platforms with ad-supported streaming services that are either free or subscription-based. Major studios have taken up stakes in these companies offering a wide variety of titles.


To maximize monetization and value, content should reach every point on the globe. We are working with our aggregators and partners in distribution to get your story to the world. US and UK distribution is the first option as we build our relationships with partners both domestically and abroad. We will leverage technology and the network of contacts in our database to provide the best solution for your needs.

Muidem's White-Glove Approach

In the streaming era, consumers engage with content across many different screens; sometimes, simultaneously. Based on industry trends and research-backed data, Muidem Media crafts customized experiences to connect stories with respective audiences in the digital media space. Through a white-glove approach, Muidem Media’s team oversees key aspects of content production and distribution including operations, creativity, and marketing to help clients maximize their brand presence and generate revenue.

Major Platforms

  • AppleTV
  • RokuChannel
  • PrimeVideo
  • Google TV
  • Gaia
  • FandangoNow
  • Tubi
  • dovechannel