Disclosure: Collection of Biometric Information



Attention residents of ILLINOIS and all other United States including US Territories. MUIDEM MEDIA LLC, d/b/a “MUIDEM” uses Amazon Web Services as a service provider for voice verification services. Biometric identifiers and biometric information (“biometric data”) may be collected, stored, and used by Amazon Web Services on behalf of MUIDEM for the purpose of comparing the voice of a caller with a voice that has been previously recorded, for fraud and security purposes. Biometric information that is generated as part of this process will be retained for up to three years after your last interaction with MUIDEM, or longer only if allowed or required by applicable law, and thereafter destroyed. Except as required or permitted by applicable law, Amazon Web Services will permanently destroy biometric data that is stored on [Company’s] behalf when the initial purpose for collecting or obtaining such data has been satisfied, within three years after your last interaction with the services, or after being informed by MUIDEM that such data should be destroyed, whichever comes first. Biometric information may be disclosed between MUIDEM and Amazon Web Services as necessary to provide and receive this service. You hereby provide your express, informed, written release and consent for MUIDEM and Amazon Web Services to collect, use, and store your biometric data as described herein. [ILLIONOIS]