Ratti Entertainment brings you Black Salt: Coreuption. This arena-style fighting game is an adaptation of the black salt comic and movie in production.

Black Salt: Coreuption combines stunning 3D Backgrounds and arenas with 2d character play. Currently available with Early Access on the Steam Platform, players have access to 8 unique characters with full 360 movements throughout the arena—allowing players to maintain opponent lock while having complete control over their character.

” Character graphics seem interesting and make me curious about the stories behind them. ” -WZ, Steam Review.

With the full release, Black Salt: Coreuption will have 12 unique characters and 12 new levels. Three 3d levels with moving objects will provide extra in-game challenges and keep players engaged and motivated to complete levels. Early Access has seven levels and arcade mode capabilities.

“Lots of great potential here for a fighting game! The visuals are beautiful, the music is great, and the characters are pretty imaginative.” -Dicethrow, Steam Review.

Early Access provides Player vs. Local Player and Player vs.CPU capabilities, and the Full version offers free for all, team play, and story mode in addition to Early Access capabilities.

“If you enjoy beat em’ ups this game is for you. Character design is amazing. Music and levels are engaging. I am really excited for online multiplayer!” Kyle H., Steam Review.

The highly anticipated full version of Black Salt: Coreuption will bring a fresh take on fighting games, engaging and challenging levels, and stunning graphics right to your fingertips.